The SWP Approach

SWP promotes sustainability, diversity and democracy in the workplace by establishing partnerships between management and employees. SWP treats the workplace as a high potenial platform to address multiple business and sustainability issues with a vision of better relations that lead to better workplaces.

We adapt to the specific workplace
The approach is versatile and replicable and can be used to develop the sustainability of the supply chain, customer relations or to improve the engagement with communities. SWP has been developed with global Swedish industry companies at 600 workplaces in Sub-Saharan Africa for the past 14 years. Our impact shows that diverse workplaces facilitate higher levels of productivity and profitability. Investments in partnerships improved communication and workplace well-being which lead to business growth.

We have a strategic focus
The SWP is centred around addressing three strategic areas; Decent Work, Sustainable Business and Partnerships. These include a wide variety of key themes important to any company such as skills development, diversity management, gender equality and occupational health & safety. Diversity and social inclusion in an ever-changing workplace are critical to ensure sustainable business.

We have a sustainable vision
SWP establishes, trains and develops workplace committees based on mutual respect, commitment and international labour standards. By having a platform where joint goals are formulated; management and elected employee representatives can change the attitudes to improve the workplace environment and business operations. Companies that invest in their employees and promote decent work become employers of choice who play an active role in the social and economic transformation of its local context. These investments ensure that business is sustainable beyond the bottom line.

We connect
Participating companies benefit from an SWP network where members share their best practice and lessons learned that contributed towards decent and sustainable work in emerging markets.

At Workplace Level

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