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Just over 14 years ago through the Swedish Workplace HIV and AIDS Programme (SWHAP) started collaborating with Swedish companies in sub-Saharan Africa to develop a joint approach to mitigate the negative impact of HIV and AIDS at the workplace. Supporting the partnership between employees and management, companies were able to improve the sustainability of their business operations.

Initially piloted at 10 companies in South Africa, the Programme grew to cover 600 workplaces in 11 countries. The SWP approach uses social dialogue structures in which management and worker’s representatives take joint responsibility for the design and implementation of the health interventions. Through this approach ownership of the programme increased and resulted in 99% of companies continuing with their initiatives after the end of the co-financing period.

Programme Impacts

Increased productivity through better implementation of company sustainability strategies. 

Healthier workplaces. 

Established a better dialogue climate at the workplace reducing stigma and conflict. 

Companies became better equipped to reduce employee turnover, positively impacting unemployment and skills development.

Protection of the human rights of workers through the implementation of anti-discrimination policies and raising awareness of other related policies.

Best practice and learnings pertaining to social dialogue at a national level between unions and employer associations.

Integration of peer- to- peer exchanges on workplace disease management and sustainability strategies.

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