Responding to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant disruption globally and threatening the livelihood for millions of people. SWP is mobilising its networks to provide information on how businesses, employers’ organisations and unions are handling the crisis. Since the outbreak, SWP has organised webinars where companies, unions and other partners have shared best practices on strategic measures to minimise disruption in productivity and ensure safety and health at the workplace.

What to consider during COVID-19

The SWP model brings good lessons learned from our experience in addressing health challenges at the workplace. Focus points include; how to manage stigma, how to provide access to treatment and the dissemination of information as a preventive mechanism.


The model is based on setting up a dialogue structure (workplace committee) within a company where employers and employees identify workplace challenges and formulate joint solutions. The model is very much applicable during the current pandemic as COVID-19 affects the workplace severely. The workplace committee becomes an effective crisis management tool due to its clear structure, representative composition and the mandate to come up with measure to address the impact of the crisis on the company.  

Knowledge Sharing

Coping with stress during COVID-19

SWP contributed to a radio session in Zimbabwe with various experts on how to deal with consequences of COVID- 19.

The radio session shared on how to cope with COVID -19 related stress and how best to administer psychosocial support during this time. Dr. Chirisa, a leading psychologist in the country supported with aspects of mental health during COVID-19.….Read the summary

SWP Learnings

Five lessons from Workplace Programmes

There are multiple good examples from the SWP model that can be applicable during the COVID-19 pandemic. The model for wellness programmes is based on human rights of employees, cooperation between management and employees, promotion of stigma free environments and inclusion of families and communities in the program activities.

Knowledge Sharing

Reliable information and policies for health & safety is key

In Zimbabwe, SWP and various experts used community radio to share how to coop during COVID-19. The importance of safe workplaces cannot be over emphasizedas when business enterprise begin to phase in the gradual reopening….

Company Insight

Social Dialogue play an important role during crisis

Social Dialogue is defined as, “Negotiation, consultation, or simply the exchange of information among representatives of governments, employers and employees, at a regional, sectorial and/or workplace level.” Applying social dialogue is an innovative approach to crisis management.

Company Insight

The COVID-19 impact and the opportunities   

Swedish companies operating in Colombia shared their coping strategies during the pandemic and how they plan for re-opening of the business. All agreed that the uncertainty of the pandemic and its negative impact is the main challenge. But some companies were optimistic due to new creative solutions to generate business. 

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